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  No sales pitch, no rush, no pressure - we want to help you feel like the best "you" possible!  

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   AESTHETIC LASER SERVICES                                      PRICES

Gentle light energy that stimulates natural healing process, speeds up healing time and reduces frequency of breakouts, redness or pores size.  Less acne breakouts will lead to decreased risks of acne scarring, reducing the need for any scar reduction in the future  
IPL-Intensed Pulsed Light energy is used to non-invasively stimulate the deepest layers of skin to kill the bacteria that cause acne breakouts.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
Med. size area Regular Package Discount!
1 session $200 100
3 session package $540 270 only 90 a session
5 session package $850 425 only 85 a session
  Recommended Acne Products Acne System, TNS Essential Serum, Retinol, AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, or Cream, Zap-It  
Specialized laser or light energy used to stimulate the deepest layer of skin, which shuts down breakouts and active acne, and removes acne scars once under control.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
Med. size area Regular Package Discount!
1 session $300 150
3 session package $750 375 only 125 a session
5 session package $1,000 500 only 100 a session
  Recommended Products Acne Scar Recovery Gel, Acne System, TNS Essential Serum, Sunscreen, Retinol  
Never wax, shave, tweeze, pluck, bleach, nair, have shave bumps or ingrown hairs again!  
Save money, time and energy spent on unwanted hair with permanent hair removal.  
Prices are based on average size male/female and are approximate, subject to slight change pending consult per person. 2 Year Guarantee from date of 1st purchase, is based on the coverage of sessions with treatment protocols; not the results. Guarantee is non-transferable and refers to the Body Beautiful Medi-Spa location availability.  
AREAS Please Shave Area Prior to Treatment
Small = Nose, Ears, Toes,  1 Session  $150

V.I.P. Members receive exclusive

Uni-brow, Lip, Brows, Breast,  5 Sessions  750

discounts and deals.

Hands, Feet, Chin 6 Sessions  900  

Gold VIP

Medium = Underarm,  1 Session    $300

50% Off

Shoulder, Neck, Bikini, Abs,  5 Sessions 1,500  
Hands & Wrist 6 Sessions 1,800

Platinum VIP


60% Off

Large = Brazilian, Buttocks,  1 Session    $400  
Full Arms, Lower Leg, Chest,  5 Sessions 2,000

Diamond VIP

Full Face, Thighs, Half of  6 Sessions 2,400

70% Off

Back (Ave. Size)    
X-Large = Full Back, Full Legs 1 Session    $600

Single  session   = Regular Price

  5 Sessions 3,000 Buy 6 sessions = get 2 year guarantee
  6 Sessions 3,600  

                                                                 Electrolysis $3 a minute  (10 minute minimum)

Remove sun damage, uneven skin tone, capillaries and brown or redness with the gentle light energy of a photo-facial. Reverse the signs of aging by evening out your skin tone. Lighten sun/age spots and reduce redness by eliminating broken capillaries caused by sun damage and rosacea.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
DoublePass Included Regular Package Discount!
1 session $350 175
3 session package $900 450  only 150 session
5 session package $1,250 625  only 125 session!
  Recommended Products Cooling Gel, After Sun HydroGel E Purifying Foaming Wash, Rejuvenative Toner, TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer 20  
RED pigments - ROSACEA (redness, flushing, capillaries), Port Wine, Angioma, Active Acne (pimples)    
Brown Pigmentation - SUN & AGE SPOTS, Melasma, Freckles, etc...  
High intensity light rejuvenates and improves and brightens skin tone by quickly removing bacteria without the need of antibiotics and without side effects.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
Med. size area Regular Package Discount!
1 session $300 150
3 session package $750 375  only 125 session
5 session package $1,000 500  only 100 session
  Recommended Products TNS Essential Serum, Sunscreen, TNS Recovery Complex, Acne System  
Sublative Skin Resurfacing (non- invasive) - E-Matrix  
Stretch Marks, Uneven Skin (Chicken Pox marks, etc.)  
FDA-approved Radio Frequency procedure to treat multiple skin conditions including fine lines, wrinkles, clogged pores and overall skin tone discolorations (remove red and brown spots) for  Ultimate skin rejuvenation.  
  Regular 1/2 Price if V.I.P.!
Small 50 pulses  (Ex: quarter size cheek scars)  $700

350  a treatment

Med.  75 pulses  (Ex: whole face)  $950

475  a treatment

Large 100 pulses  (Ex: abs or thigh stretch marks)  $1,200

600  a treatment

OR buy per tip

  + Package Discount

200 pulse tip


1,000  2-4 sessions

400 pulse tip


1,500  2-4 sessions

  Recommended Products TNS Essential Serum, Lytera System, Sunscreen, Purifying Foaming Wash, Ceratopic Replenishing Cream, Hydrating Complex  
Skin Rejuvenation - Stretch Marks, Scars & Wrinkles Fractional 1540 or 1440  
Specialized wavelengths of light energy that boosts collagen by creating columns of coagulation to restart the natural healing process with restructured and reduced scar appearance.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
DoublePass included Regular Package Discount!
1 session $400 200
3 session package $1,050 525  only 175 session
5 session package $1,500 750  only 150 session!
  Recommended Products Recommended Products - TNS Essential Serum, TNS Recovery Complex, Sunscreen, Lytera System, Retinol, Scar Recovery Gel, Scar Recovery Complex  
Skin tightening (eTwo) Sublime  
Our treatment option for patients who require no downtime.  Sublime technology combines a variety of light energies to reduce signs of aging by tightening the skin and producing collagen.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
Quadruple Pass Regular Package Discount!
1 session $350 175
3 session package $900 450  only 150 a session
5 session package $1,250 625  only 125 a session!
  Recommended Products TNS Essential Serum, TNS Recovery Complex, Sunscreen, Lytera System, Retinol, Scar Recovery Gel, Scar Recovery Complex  
Spider Veins  
Erase unwanted purple, red or blue spider veins anywhere on the body.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
30 minute session Regular Package Discount!
1 session $500 250
3 session package $1,200 600 = only 200 session
Facial Capillary $50 - 75 Per Vein Package - PENDING CONSULTATION
  Recommended Products  TNS Essential Serum, Lytera, Dermal Repair Cream, TNS Recovery Complex, Sunscreen  
Series of small injections used to treat unwanted spider veins on the face, legs, neck and chest.  
45 minute session $300 Covered by some insurances
Free consultation, Call Now 724 987 3221
Wrinkle Reduction, PicoSure, Focus Lens Array (also for pigmentation and scars)  
Great anti-aging laser uses a specialized light energy that creates a natural healing process for wrinkles with added firmness to the skin.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
Med. size area Regular Package Discount!
1 session $600 300
3 session package $1,500 750 only 250 per session

                                                   Per spot can also be treated, Pending FREE Consultation

  Recommended Products TNS Essential Serum, TNS Recovery Complex, Sunscreen, Retinol, AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, AHA/BHA Cream, Ultra Sheer Moisturizer  

Body Beautiful,Medical Center,Pricing,Menu,deals,best prices,online deals,special,best deals,Aesthetic laser services,Prices,Acne Scar Removal,D

FREE Body Wraps included  
FDA approved, non-surgical contouring treatment that slims and shapes the body by shrinking cellulite circumference, loose skin and toning shape.  
    1/2 Price if V.I.P. +
  Regular Package Discount!
1 session $300 150
3 session package $800 400  only 133 session
6 sessions package $1,500 750  only 125 session
                                                                      Half Price if  V.I.P. & members also receive exclusive discounts and deals.  
  Exclusive Package Discount!  
  If you are not thoroughly satisfied with Body Contouring or/& Body Wraps results; moneys spent (up to $1,000) can go toward Liposuction or Fat Transfer procedures (AND be combined with other offers!)  
FDA-cleared, non-invasive solution for body contouring and cellulite reduction. IR Body Wraps are also used to detoxify the body and rid toxins that may be compromising weight loss.  
Regular/Package Discount! V.I.P.  Deals
1   session    $69 10    OFF  59
3   sessions  $175 150  about 49 a session
5   sessions  $225 199  about 39 a session!
10 sessions  $399 299  about 29 a session!
Smoking or Addiction Cessation or Appetite Suppression  
QUIT SMOKING with a 4-WAY APPROACH PROGRAM - Our mental health clinician gives support while using the power of suggestions recordings, nutraceuticals and lasers to stimulate the body's natural production of natural chemicals to help eliminate the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.  
                  2 Sessions $299
                  + Additional $50 OFF if  V.I.P
                  + Additional $50 OFF if more than 1 person
V.I.P. Members receive exclusive discounts and deals.

Treatment Areas    
COSMETIC INJECTABLES - Aesthetic Facial     
  Relax your muscles and smooth away wrinkles and fine lines with FDA approved products including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.  Fine lines, wrinkles around the forehead, brow furrows, forehead, bunny lines in nasal area, crow's feet, eyebrows, vertical muscle bands in neck, pore reduction, frown lines between the glabella lines, droopy brow lines, reduce size of masseter muscle (jaw).

Eliminate deep wrinkles and facial folds
Cosmetic Injections Regular pricing


Less than 30 units $4.75/u


31-60                     $4.50/u    $4.50
61+ units               $4.25/u         $3.75
121+ units             $3.75/u    $3.59  (GREATEST Value)
Less than 10 units.      $16/u

$14  (also walk-ins price)

11-20 units $14/u        $13
21+ units     $13/u       $12
41+ units $12/u $11  (Good Value)
Xeomin Prices are all $1 less then Botox
Become a Body Beautiful V.I.P.  Brilliant Distinctions & Aspire Rewards get 200 points for $200 service.
Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program
Aspire rewards program
Rewards program
  Replenish lost volume, enhances fullness of lips, corners of lips, lip augmentation, plump out wrinkles, fine lines, frown lines, builds cheek bones, smile lines, marionette lines, laugh lines, prejowl sulcus, cheek hollowing, improve the look of saggy skin, hollowness under the eyes, nasolabial folds, reduce appearance of stress, depressions and scars. Can provide long lasting results, some for up to 2 years!  
  Brilliant Distinctions & Aspire Rewards members get reward points for each syringe.
FILLERS Treatment Areas   Become a V.I.P. Take $50 OFF 1st Vial
Restylane Silk Enhances fullness of lips, plump out wrinkles and fine lines  1st Vial 549
  around the nose, mouth or hollowness under the eyes. 2nd Vial 399
Restylane Lip augmentation, frown lines at the root of nose or outer part 

1st Vial 549

  of the nostril, smile lines, laugh lines, pre jowl, cheek 

2nd Vial 399

Restylane Lyft Provides fullness to cheeks and smooth the smile lines. 

1st Vial 699

Indicated into superficial subcutis to deep dermis.

2nd Vial 499

Restylane Refyne

Provide a softening of unwanted laugh and wrinkles lines.

1st Vial 649


Get rid of nasolabial fold lines and marionette lines.

2nd Vial 549

Restylane Defyne

Smooth out and soften deep laugh and wrinkles lines.

1st Vial 649


This filler uses new technology to restore a youthful look.

2nd Vial 549

Sculptra Stimulates natural collagen (not a filler), goes everywhere, 

1st Vial 749

  works globally for facial correction, lasts up-to 2 years and 

2nd Vial 549

  works well with others products.  
    Become a V.I.P. Take $50
Juvederm Volbella

FDA Approved for use in Perioral Rhytids and Lips - found to soften the appearance of lines around the mouth and increase lip fullness

1st Vial 399

through one year.

2nd Vial 299
Juvederm Ultra Lip augmentation, outer part of nostril, between brows, temples, 

1st Vial 599

  laugh lines, hollowness under eyes, reduce appearance of 

2nd Vial 449

  stress, depressions and scars.  
Juvederm Ultra Plus Cheek hollowing, replenish lost volume, smile lines, frown lines 

1st Vial 599

  at the root of nose or outer part of nostril, prejowl sulcus.

2nd Vial 449

Juvederm Vollure Adds volume to wrinkles and severe folds in the face.            1st Vial 699

Smooth out and soften those unwanted lines and wrinkles.

           2nd Vial 499

Juvederm Voluma Replenish lost volume in cheekbones, Apple, Apex and nasal 

1st Vial 749

  folds that can last up to 2 years!

2nd Vial 549

Kybella Kybella is a naturally-occurring molecule (deoxycholic acid) found in our bodies that assists in the absorption and breakdown of fat. Its production is synthetic, so no animal protein is used. 400 Brilliant Distinctions points awarded per treatment. 1st Vial 649
2nd Vial 549
3rd Vial 499

Hylenex (hyaluronidase)

This product helps reverse effects and filler absorption.  1st Vial 249
2nd Vial 129
Belotero Nasolabial folds, lip lines, corners of lips, smile lines, folds along 

1st Vial 449

  the chin.

2nd Vial 299

Radiesse Smile lines, marionette lines, corners of the mouth,                                                     1st Vial 649
  pre-jowl, wrinkles on chin.                                                2nd Vial 449
    Become a V.I.P. Take $50 OFF 1st Vial

Become a Body Beautiful V.I.P. Today and Take $50 OFF 1st Vial 724 987 3221

K-Laser Pain Management  
With the healing power of the K Laser relieve aches, pains, bruises, wounds, stiffness, knots, can even help with toenail fungus, etc.  
1 Session   $150 Half Price if V.I.P.
3 Sessions  $400 Half Price if V.I.P.
Multiple Areas &/or Package Discount - Pending Consultation
  Recommended Products Pain-a-trait (Warms tight, stiff and sore muscles and also numbs pain), Biofreeze, RevitaDERM Gel  
SKIN IRREGULARITIES - Skin Abnormalities or Blemishes such as Skin tags, Moles, Enlarged Pores, Broken Capillaries, Clogged Pores, Fibromas, Keratosis, Brown Raised spots, Active Acne, Pimples, Sebaceous Cysts, Warts, Cholesterol Deposits, Cherry Angiomas, Milia, Blackheads or Whiteheads, and other skin lesions, etc...
The Lam-probe uses radio frequency technology to precisely and quickly remove skin irregularities mentioned above.
Per irregularity, dependent upon the location and size of the 
treated area.
Approximately                $50 - 150
Additional irregularities    $15 - 50
Multiple Skin Abnormalities or Blemishes - Pending Consultation
HYFRECATOR General Pricing
The Hyfrecator uses electricity to quickly dehydrate the skin  $50 for first spot
lesion, which causes it to fall off within just a few days. $40 for each of 3
CryoClear $35 for each of 4
CryoClear works by freezing the target area no further than $25 for each of 5 or more
2mm at -79 degrees C, where only the epidermal skin layers A Touchups may or may not be recommended.

Recommended Products Sunscreen, TNS Essential Serum, TNS Recovery Complex, Scar Recovery Gel, rarely needed

MicroNeedling, Derma Pen or Skin Pen - Triple Pass included  
Reduce appearance of scarring, wrinkles and add firmness to skin. By creating columns of coagulation to promote natural healing to restart a corrective healing process.  
  $50 OFF if V.I.P.+ 


Package Discount
1 session      $300 250
3 sessions    $750 700
5 sessions    $1,000 950 only 180 session
  Recommended Products  HydroGel, Sunscreen, TNS Essential Serum, TNS Recovery Complex, Bacitracin, Neosporin, Mycocide (Amerigel), Gentamicin Sulfate, Melagel, Meladisk, hydrocortisone  
Natural eyelash extensions individually placed on the eyelid to create long, full lashes. No need to wear mascara anymore! Get the look of natural lashes for any occasion.  
Eye Lash Extension       Regular V.I.P. Discount
FULL SET 160 140
Touch ups 70 60

cosmetic,Dysport,Botox,Xeomin,Fillers,Restylane,Silk,Perlane,Juvederm Ultra Plus,Juvederm Voluma,Radiesse,Belotero,K-Laser,Pain Management,Lampr

  Wake up always looking great without worrying about smudged make up, save your time and money. Multiple Permanent Makeup areas available including eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.  
Consultation (to be applied toward payment of procedure) 50
Permanent Eyebrows  
Eyebrow Creation, Reinforcement or Completion (hair stroke or powdery look) 500
Permanent Eyeliner:  
Upper and Lower Eyeliner (includes eyelash base enhancement) 550
Upper Eyeliner (includes eyelash base enhancement) 300
Lower Eyelid (includes base enhancement with or without thin liner) 300
Permanent Lip Color & Liner:  
Lip Liner with Full Lip Color 600
Lip Liner with Soft Blending 450
Lip Liner 350
Correction Work: Price upon consultation
Laser Makeup Removal 450 +
Laser Hair Removal Consult
Beauty Mark 50
Scar, Scalp Camouflage Pending Consult
Areola Repigmentation 350 unilateral
Touch Up within 3 Months 50
  The camouflage recolors areas of damaged skin thus matching natural color in the surrounding area. Corrective work such as areola repigmentation, repair the look of lost or thinning hair with scalp camouflage or even just a beauty mark.  

Call for Specials or a Consultation 724-987-3221

Effective and safe, we have the fastest, most comfortable laser (picosure and medlights) available on the planet to completely remove, erase or even just lighten a tattoo to cover up the canvas, making room for a lovely new one!
Package Deal: Pay 7 treatments
in full and receive 1 session free!

If needed Numbing Options:

Lidocaine shots - $25 for small &
medium, $50 for larger

Cream - $5

Tattoo Removal    Buy 5 Tattoo Removal 
Q-switch, Medlight      Per Session Sessions Get one Free

    Extra Small 1" to 3"   inches

     $ 49  - 98  

    Small          4" to 6"   inches

     $ 99  - 198  

    Medium      7" to 10"  inches

     $199 - 398  
    Large        11" to 16" inches      $399 - 548  
    X-Large    17" +        inches      $549 and up  
Premium Tattoo
Removal PicoSure    

    Extra Small 1" to 3"   inches

     $  79 - 128 + Call for Price Match +

    Small          4" to 6"   inches

     $129 - 248  

    Medium      7" to 10"  inches

     $249 - 498  

    Large        11" to 16" inches

     $499 - 648  
    X-Large    17" +        inches      $649 and up
  Cosmetic Ink or Solution Tattoo Removal  
  For more faded, pre-treated tattoos, we may recommend this method. It works like tattoo  needle ink, but solution allows implanted ink to be flush and push it out.  This happens regardless of color (unlike some lasers), actually see the color wipe away!  
  Recommended Products - Bacitracin, Neosporin, Mycocide (Amerigel), Gentamicin Sulfate, Melagel, Meladisk, hydrocortisone.  
Teeth Whitening
Brighten teeth and gain more confidence with a couple teeth whitening sessions that lighten the teeth 2-3 shades per session! Comparable to Dentist Trays or Strips that can be up to $800.


1  Session                 $149 $50 OFF any session if
3  Sessions                $299 V.I.P. OR 2 for $99
2  Year Plan                $399  
5  Year Plan                $499  
New Impressions


  Includes all 3 upgrades - Stronger solution, Vitamin E, Extra Time (20 minutes, instead of just 15)  
Quickly erase unwanted brown or yellow spots on the toenails or fingernails.  Repair cracked and crumbled or thick nails away with laser. This effective, safe and natural producing results anti-fungal laser successfully eliminates unsightly warts as well.  Just because you cant see it on the other toes - it is IMPORTANT to treat the whole foot, they share the same socks and shoe.
Multiple Areas Regular
10 toes (Both feet)  3 sessions =   $1099   $549 if V.I.P.!
5 toes  (One foot)  3 sessions =   $599     $299 if V.I.P.!
Fingers - Pending Free Consultation
  Recommended Products Formula 3, Clean Sweep (anti fungal spray), Nailesse antifungal, Dani-Pro Medicated Polish, Molecular AS, Tineacide antifungal kit, shoe spray.  

Skin Resurfacing,Stretch Marks,Uneven Skin,Skin Rejuvenation,Stretch Marks,Scars,Wrinkles,Fractional,Skin tightening,Wrinkle Reduction,PicoSure,

Don't forget that troublesome spot that brought you  Pending Free Consultation
here in the first place, body or facial extractions   
available during any treatment your here for!   -  
Dermaplaning normally $99 VIP Special $79
FACIALS, MASKS & SCRUBS Treatments Price area pending FREE consultation
Relaxing skin rejuvenating treatments to clear dead skin build up and   
clean pores to leave your skin glowing and smooth. V.I.P. Members receive exclusive discounts and deals.
Lunch-time lift for great preventative damage measures. Exfoliation with microderm plumps up fine lines, sun damage, dead skin cells and reduces formation of acne, wrinkles, enlarged pores, superficial scars and decreases blackheads.
European Facial - Mask, Serums, Product Skin Consult, Massage OR light Peel OR Exfoliation


  Package +  V.I.P. Discount!

1 Session    $129    


Package of 3      $329    

  $239  only $79 each

Package of 5      $445    

  $345  only $69 each
  Recommended Products Daily Moisturizer, Sunscreen, TNS Illuminating Eye Cream, Uplifting Eye Serum, TNS Lip Plump System, Purifying Toner  
ULTRASOUND FACIAL (includes European facial)
Vibrating sound waves which stimulates collagen production and raises the metabolic rate.  Ultra-Sound Facial can increases circulation, jumpstart numerous beneficial outcomes such as regeneration, enhance debris removal and promote healing.


  Package +  V.I.P. Discount!

1 Session    $129    


Package of 3     $329    

  $239 only $79 each

Package of 5     $445    

  $345 only $69 each
  Recommended Products Daily Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Lytera, TNS Illuminating Eye Cream, Uplifting Eye Serum, TNS Lip Plump System, Purifying Toner  
Medical grade solutions used to smooth the skin's overall texture and repair damage on the face, chest, neck and hands. This treatment is one of the least invasive treatments used to improve the appearance of fine lines, acne, sun damage, cholesterol deposits, clogged pores, scars and freckles.
Face or Body (pending free consult)
Chemical Peel (Body or Face) Pricing
          Glycolic $89
          Salicylic $109
          Illuminize Peel $139
          Vitalize Peel $179
          Rejuvenize Peel  $199
  Recommended Products - Post-procedure Kit, Daily Moisturizer, TNS Essential Serum, TNS Recovery Complex, Sunscreen  
  Call for exclusive rewards for Brilliant Distinction Members.       V.I.P. Members receive exclusive discounts and deals.  
Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox and Juvederm, blends nature and science to give patients young, healthy, glowing skin.
We recommend medical grade skin care products for upkeep after treatment, to protect your investment. SkinMedica ultimate products provide long-lasting improvements addressing many skin concerns including anti-aging, sun damage, acne, scars, stretch marks and overall skin rejuvenation.

V.I.P. Members receive exclusive discounts and deals.

Call for exclusive rewards for Brilliant Distinction Members.

Click image for skin care products page

Latisse is a prescription cosmetic treatment used to lengthen natural eyelashes for patients who desire stronger, darker, thicker and more full lashes.
Regular V.I.P. Discount!
5ml $189 $159
3ml $129 $99
  Call for exclusive rewards for Brilliant Distinction Members.  

$100 credit vouchers can only be used for select treatments and can change at any time.


Sign up to become a V.I.P. Member and can receive up to 75% off select laser treatments.


We will match any of our online DEALS directly.  Please call us direct for the best prices!


Every person has different wishes, additional areas or custom treatments that can be tailored or discounted to your needs. All prices are approximate and subject to slight change, pending consult.


Pricing Liposuction, Liposuction,Fat Transplantation,Natural Breast Augmentation,Brazilian Butt Lift,Silhouette Facelift,Lip Implants,Nipple Cor




www.PricingLiposuction.com   724 683 7581

Cosmetic Body Treatments 

                     Prices - Pending Free Consultation

    $500 OFF if V.I.P!
Liposuction Water Lipo and Tickle Lipo are FDA  Start at $3,499
  approved to safely and effectively remove  Specials for additional areas!
  fat from the body. Call today for free consult
Fat Transplantation Fat transfers are an effective, safe and  Starting at $1,000 for Hands
  simple procedure that provides patients with natural results that increase volume and plump sagging skin due to aging (usually abdomen, love handles or lower back). Starting at $1,500 for Face
Natural Breast Augmentation Our technique employs the latest  Starting at $3,000
  technological advances in fat harvesting,   
  adult stem cell transfers, and breast   
  splinting technology to provide women the   
  option of enlarging their breast using their   
  own fat without the use of unnatural implants.  
Brazilian Butt Lift Results in a youthful, prominent, perky  Starting at $3,000
  buttocks and a more sensual body profile.  
Silhouette Facelift Lift for sagging jowls, In office procedure to make  Starting at $5,500 for Face or Neck Lift
  you look more youthful with very minimal Includes 2 Syringes of Filler
  downtime and side effects. only 3,500 for a Second Area
Lip Implants We specialize in lip augmentations. Restore  Start at $1,450
  volume, expand and re-shape the lower/upper lips lower/upper $2,500
Inverted Nipple Correction Inverted nipples are caused by genetics,  Start at $1,200
  infection, weight loss, breastfeeding  Pending Free Consultation
  complications, trauma, aging, breast cancer   
  (carcinoma) and pregnancy. We can fix the   
  problem with a simple procedure.  
Ear or Earlobe Repair Based on extent of damage (1 ear or both  1 Lobe Starting at $299
  ears) 2 Lobe Starting at $399
Umbilicoplasty Belly buttons can be quickly repaired from  Start at $2,999
  damages from pregnancy, weight loss/gain,   
  and rings, based on extent of damage.  
Labiaplasty Repair enlarged labia due to genetics, age  Start at $1,999
  and childbirth, which all contribute to women   
  developing a laxity of vaginal tissues.  
Mini Brachioplasty  (Arm Lift) Safely and effectively reshapes the upper  Start at Mini $5,999, Full $7,999
  portion of the arm; can be used in fat transfers.  
Body contouring Non-surgical treatment that tightens skin 1 Session = $300, 3 = $450, 6 = $750
  boosts collagen production and improves  Package Combo (Ex: $750 for 6 of each treatment)
  overall body shape with no downtime or  Able to add same amount of wraps for $100
  side effects  
  Every person has different wishes, additional areas or custom treatments that can be tailored or discounted to your needs. All prices are approximate and subject to slight change, pending consult.  

Varicose veins,Spider veins,Compression Garments,Jobst,Venosan,Treatment Options,Vnus Closure,Facial Veins,Therapy,


www.SpiderandVaricoseVeinTreatment.com 724 987 3220

Solution Treatments Prices
Varicose Veins and Spider Venous Reflux Disease - Varicose Veins We use minimally invasive procedures 
Veins Treatment emerge when valves malfunction, which  (accepted by most insurances) for most of
  prevent proper blood circulation.  these treatments.
  Symptoms include throbbing, aches,   
  fatigue, cramping, itching and swollen  Most insurance accepted - go to
  legs. If left neglected, varicose veins can  www.AdVeincenter.com
  lead to serious health problems. We can   
  help determine which treatment is best   
  for each patient during our initial   
  Microphlebectomy - Our doctors remove   
  small vessels by puncturing in the skin.   
  This is another option for medium sized veins.  
Spider veins discount Spider Veins are small red, blue or purple  To qualify - have ultrasound Screening or
  veins close the the surface of the skin.  Varicose surgery with Ad Vein Center.
  They are caused by genetics, hormones,  $50 Per vein
  pregnancy and injury, and can lead to  $150 Per 15 minutes Session
  minor discomfort. They typically affect  $400 for 3 treatments of 15 minutes
  more women than men. $650 for 2 year package for legs
Sclerotherapy Used to treat spider veins, sclerotherapy is  Free consultation, covered by some insurances
  administered with several small injections  Cosmetic or Medical session = $300 - $500
  into the vein, sealing them from the inside  Pending Consult
  and redirecting the blood flow into the   
  healthy veins. Sclerotherapy can also be   
  used to treat varicose veins that are close   
  the the skin's surface.  
Facial Veins Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy - Pending Consult
  A non-invasive treatment that aims below   
  the skin's surface, into the vein, without   
  affecting the top layer of skin. This   
  treatment can also help sun damage, acne,   
  rosacea, sun damage and birthmarks. It   
  requires no downtime and most patients   
  find it painless.  
  Facial Veins - These types of veins appear   
  on the forehead, nose, cheeks and neck,   
  and appear purple or red. Facial veins are   
  appear from dilated blood vessels. We   
  provide non-invasive treatment options that   
  effectively eliminate unwanted facial veins.  
Compression Garments Jobst $30

The Advanced Vein Center offers free vein screens to evaluate each patient's individual condition.


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  BV Foot Clinic specializes in medical care from the knee down, reducing pain, anti-aging and cosmetic procedures and Full Podiatry needs:  
Bunions Corns and Calluses Diabetic Foot Care
Fractures Hammertoes Heel Pain
Orthotics Plantar Warts Plantar Fasciitis
Laser Nail Fungus Skin Irregularities  
  Non-invasive treatment for patients suffering painful and chronic musculoskeletal system disorders by delivering shock waves to the damaged area, instantly initiating a healing response.  

Wart Removal


Half Price if V.I.P.
  1 (includes all 3 sessions)  $150   75
  3 (includes all 3 sessions)  $400 200
  We accept Cash, Check, Debit, major credit cards and the following payments:  
  $100 Credit Vouchers cannot be used towards a single session, but may be used toward a package of treatments.  
  Care Credit is for healthcare, as a division of GE Money, that offers financing within a network of over 130,000 providers.  Providing an alternative payment for certain expenses, bridging situations when your desired care is not covered by insurance.  
  Every person has different wishes, additional areas or custom treatments that can be tailored or discounted to your needs. All prices are approximate and subject to slight change, pending consult.  











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