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Permanent Cosmetics / Scar Camouflage / Tattoo Removal Treatments

For your convenience, text us a picture and our permanent makeup specialist will contact you back.


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Permanent Cosmetics available around Pittsburgh! Call for pricing quotes!

Who benefits from Permanent Cosmetics?
  • Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical features
  • People seeking to regain self-esteem
  • People with allergies or sensitivities to conventional makeup
  • Busy people who desire freedom and convenience from daily makeup application
  • Those who are physically incapable of applying makeup
  • Athletic people, those who perspire drastically or have employment that will wash or mess up traditional makeup
  • Burn survivors, post surgical procedures and people with flaws in their skin
  • Men and women who wish to look their best at all time- Entertainers, Actresses, Models, YOU!

Remove your makeup, Permanent Cosmetics available around Pittsburgh! Call for pricing quotes!

Marcia Fleis hale Permanent Makeup Specialist at Body Beautiful Laser Medi Spa

Whether its the enhancement of your facial features using the  "hair-stroke" technique for eyebrows, or designing a painted mural with brush strokes, Marcia Fleis Hale, owner of The Fine Arts of Beauty demonstrates her passion for making the world's surfaces more beautiful one stroke at a time. Pairing her Basic, Advanced, Specialty, and Masters Certification for Intradermal Procedures from The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics with her Fine Arts degree and teaching experience, She now offers classes to teach others how to become Certified in Permanent Cosmetics. Since working with Body Beautiful from their beginning (over a decade ago) performing treatments such as Photofacials, Microdermabrasion ,skin tag, sun spot, spider vein, tattoo, and hair removal, she now performs her Artistry of permanent makeup procedures exclusively here at Body Beautiful! 

Please call 724- 987-3221 to schedule an appointment. You can also purchase Gift Certificates or learn more about Permanent Makeup Classes!  

  Click here for more about Marcia  

Hang up the make up and "SAVE" with Permanent Cosmetics


Hang up the make up and "SAVE" with Permanent Cosmetics

  What do Permanent Makeup Consultation Fees Cover? The fees for permanent makeup procedures cover the following:  
  • Complete medical history review

  • Face shape and feature analysis

  • Custom makeup design process

  • Color selection and custom blending of pigments

  • Medical grade topical anesthetics (before and during procedure)

  • New, 100% disposable procedure supplies

  • New, disposable sterile safety needles

  • Allergy patch test (if desired)

  • Aftercare supplies and printed instructions

  Pricing System for Permanent Makeup  
  Permanent makeup should be thought of as a two step process for best results (Initial procedure takes 2 hours minimum). That applies to new procedures and recoloring of faded makeup. Some permanent make-up artists offer a second visit (touch-up) that is “complimentary”, But that touchup cost is factored into the original price, so if you don’t need one, you’ve paid for something you didn’t get. Also, some technicians allow only a 30 day deadline for the touch up without charging extra. Our fees are simple: You pay when the services are actually performed. Initial procedure fees are higher because the first visits are the longest and greatest amount of work. Second visit (touchup) fees are less and paid only when that procedure is performed (if needed). We believe this system is fair and more affordable.  

Permanent Makeup Consultation and Procedure Fees

Consultation (to be applied toward payment of procedure) 



Permanent Eyebrows Visit #1 Visit #2
Eyebrow Creation, Reinforcement or Completion    
(hair stroke or powdery look) 500 50
Permanent Eyeliner    
Upper and Lower Eyeliner (includes eyelash base enhancement) 550 50
Upper Eyeliner (includes eyelash base enhancement) 300 50
Lower Eyelid (includes base enhancement with or without thin liner)  300 50
Permanent Lip Color & Liner    
Lip Liner with Full Lip Color 600 75
Lip Liner with Soft Blending  450 50
Lip Liner 350 50
Correction Work

Price upon consultation

Laser Makeup Removal 450 and up  
Laser Hair Removal  Consult  
Beauty Mark 50  
Scar/Scalp Camouflage 350 /Hour  
Areola Repigmentation

   350 unilateral

Touch Up within 3 Months   50
Lash Extension 130 70

Upgrades: To “Upgrade” any procedure at the second visit (e.g. change from a blended lip liner to a liner with full lip color), the difference between the first and second application fees will be added.


Re-Tattooing Faded Permanent Makeup (Another Technician’s Work)

Recoloring permanent makeup done previously by someone else is not “just a touch up”. The technician must start “from scratch” since its not her original work. To re-tattoo permanent makeup done by another technician, fees start at the new (initial visit) permanent makeup prices. Additional charges may apply for extensive shape and symmetry correction or if pigment removal is necessary.


Permanent Makeup Correction and Tattoo Lightening or Removal

Fees are provided at the consultation on a per case basis. Cost depends upon the severity of the problem and the number of sessions for partial or complete removal. Multiple sessions are almost always necessary for lightening or removal results.

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If I am performing a treatment, please leave a detailed message and i will call you back within the hour.


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