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 How Kybella Works

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  Kybella is injected into the pouch of fat below the chin, allowing the deoxycholic acid to act like a detergent. The actual fat membrane is dissolved and the fat cells are absorbed as waste. Once the pouch is eliminated, those cells are no longer able to store fat, providing a permanently smooth and youthful appearance.  
  Kybella must be injected into the proper areas and depth in order to reach the fat while keeping the upper layers of skin safe. Our injection specialists are all trained and certified to perform this safely and effectively.  

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The Treatment Process

After the initial consultation and treatment plan are developed, we will begin by cleaning the area and applying local anesthetic and ice to ensure there is no discomfort. Then, we will inject a series of strategically placed Kybella injections underneath the skin to eliminate all unwanted fat cells that cause the “double chin.” The entire process will take approximately one hour.


What To Expect After Kybella

After the injections, you may become swollen and bruised around the treatment area. This is your body’s natural reaction to Cybella and is considered normal. You may also feel a tingling, heated sensation immediately after the injection, (this will last about 15 minutes). Use OTC anti-inflammatory medications to reduce discomfort. Do not exercise for 24 hours after treatment. Do not apply compression or massage the injection area. Inflammation is a good sign of healing.


Possible Kybella Side Effects

Temporary discomfort and numbness in the treated area can last 4-6 weeks. Swelling, bruising and induration will last approximately 1-2 week after (its gets worse before it gets better).
Kybella Results
You will begin to see results within 2 weeks after the Kybella injections. Full results will show 6 to 8 weeks after the final treatment. At that point, your “double chin” and any fullness will be reduced and you will be left with a smooth, sculpted jawline and chin!
When Kybella is performed at Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa, your outcomes can be permanent. However, weight gain may cause fat to shift which will alter your appearance.

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Kybella,injected,pouch of fat,chin,deoxycholic acid,youthful appearance,injection specialists,consultation,treatment plan,unwanted fat cells,
Kybella Facts
  • 93% patients show improvement in skin elasticity
  • The fat will not come back in the same area
  • Will have a small amount of skin retraction (not tightening) with each treatment
  • 79% of patients reported satisfaction with the appearance of their chin and face
  • Kybella is the first and only FDA approved injectable that improves the appearance of the “double chin” (submental fullness)
  • After Kybella treatments, patients reported improvement in self-perception including feeling younger and happier based on their facial profile. They also said they feel less self-conscious, less overweight and less embarrassed by chin fat.
       Staff Kybella Certifications

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Allergan Certificate kybella          Allergan Certificate kybella


If you are interested in hearing more about what Kybella can do for your chin and your confidence, 

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