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Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Options

  Hand Rejuvenation treatment can be a multi-treatment approach which may include a combination of the following alternatives:  
Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Options
Soft Tissue Fat Transfer/Augmentation - is frequently performed with fat cells taken from other parts of your body and transplanted to your hands, face, breast, butt or any other area of the body. This procedure is known as a Fat Transfer. Synthetic fillers can also be used as well. Natural or synthetic fillers can add body to hands to create a more youthful appearance, thus improving overall look. Utilizing the appropriate filler for you, your Clinician  will inject it under the treated area. Results are immediate.
  The duration of improvement depends on the size and location of the area that is treated, as well as on the material used. Read an article about  



Forget traditional Surgery


Dermal Fillers - Juvéderm, Radiesse, Sculptra Aesthetic and others - You may opt for the instant results of Radiesse or choose the collagen stimulator Sculptra, which, over time, promotes your own collagen as the “filler.” While hyaluron-based injectable fillers (e.g., Restylane, Juvéderm) are extremely well tolerated, their effects are too short-term on hands. Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic wears well in the hands and provide a cushion replacement, maintaining a soft, natural feel. This will add volume and fix the sunken in appearance. Results typically last 1 - 3 years. Touch-up treatments may be necessary to maintain desired appearance. Read an article about


Choosing injectable


Injectable fillers

  Laser treatments - Give your Laser Technician precise control as the procedure gently removes unsightly veins, freckles and dark age spots to reveal smooth, fresher-looking hands. Spots and lines are removed in a precise, rapid fashion achieving excellent results with a series of small treatments. Laser hand rejuvenation does not need performed with anesthesia.    Read an article about...  

Skin Damage

  Scar Removal/Fractional skin resurfacing - Treats fine lines, textural irregularities, enlarged pores with the delivery of micro beams of light to form new, soft, healthy skin with reduced blemishes. These microbeams penetrate deep into the dermis for the most effective, long-term results possible. Heated tissue within the columns starts a natural healing process that forms new, healthy, youthful tissue. This also results in a decrease of sun spots, wrinkles, melasma, acne scarring and a fresher, more youthful skin tone and texture. The Fractional Non-ablative laser stimulates quick healing, while leaving your skin’s surface intact, with no lasting redness.    Read an article about...  

Skin Issues

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Options

Skin Rejuvenation, Photo-Facial (Foto facial): BBL & IPL Treatment - Broadband light treatment is very useful for clearing away sun damage, such as age spots, sun spots, liver spots, hyperpigmentation, port wine stains, birthmarks, etc. Unsightly veins and dark age spots are gently removed through short bursts of laser light.   BBL and IPL uses intense pulsed light to treat spots, spider veins, fine lines and create softer, smoother, clear skin with very little, if any, pain at all.  Read an article about...


Resurface Your Skin

  Q-Switch technology - The three most commonly used Q-switching lasers are the Q-Switch Nd YAG, Q-switched Ruby and Qswitch Alexandrite; such as our Medlight C4, C6 or other units.  Extremely short pulses of high intensity light, speed of each pulse (which is measured in nanoseconds, or billionths of a second) enables the laser to more accurately target and dissolve the microscopic granules of color and deliver a refreshed, more youthful appearance by simultaneously treating birth marks, color irregularities or multiple skin conditions and by boosting the natural collagen production deep within the dermis.  Read an article about...  

Too Much Sun?

  Vein Treatment - We can treat spider and reticular veins using intense, pulsed light therapy that can be used to selectively damage or destroy abnormal veins including small spider veins and small vascular birthmarks. The intense light therapy is more suited for vascular lesions slightly deeper in the skin. Read an article about..  



Vein Center Services

  Sclerotherapy - was developed in the 1920s. During the procedure a sclerosing solution is injected into the vein through a micro-needle for unsightly veins. The tiny needles generally cause very little pain. The sclerosing solution causes the vein to blanch (turn white), then gradually disappear. Read an article about...  

Scerotherapy Benefits


Spider Veins

  Microdermabrasion - a superficial skin-polishing that improves the appearance of aging skin. The results are immediate. Microdermabrasion is non-invasive, it’s known as the lunch-time peel. The procedure removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells to reveal the fresher, younger cells beneath the skin; your skin will have a fresh pinkish glow. It will look healthier, feel smoother, softer and more youthful. Your improvement will continue throughout your series of treatments. Regardless of your skin's condition, fine lines/age spots may be erased and acne scars or stretch marks will become less obvious. Read an article about....  

Skin Damage Treatments


Ultrasound Facial

  Exfoliation Peel - Depending on your skin type and the desired results, your physician may recommend a superficial, medium or deep peel.  Your aesthetic specialist will select the proper solution (glycolic acid, Jessner, TCA or trichloroacetic acid or carbolic acid) and apply the topical to various areas of skin.  Peels are available in a variety of forms that can be used to produce a separation and peeling of the outer layers of the skin. The new skin beneath is smooth and practically blemish-free, with reduced fine lines, wrinkles, spots and sun damage. Read an article about...  

Skin Damage


Face and Body

  Tattoo Removal - Many people are thinking about switching careers that don’t allow tattoos on the hands, face or neck.  Medical lasers called Q switch lasers use an intense beam of light to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. There are different wavelengths of light to treat different colors of ink. The ink particles of your tattoo absorb the light energy from the laser, they are broken up into tiny fragments. These fragments are then absorbed through your body's lymphatic system and naturally absorbed and carried away. This cleansing process generally requires multiple treatments. We also have other methods of tattoo removal available depending on the individuals preference, call to inquire. Read an article about...  

Embarrassing Tattoo


r20 Technique

  Prescription strength skin care and Topical Maintenance - Like Retin-A, Glycolic Acid Derivatives and other creams are proven to significantly reverse the aging process. Topical applications can help repair sun damaged skin, cause spots to fade, improve transparent skin and stimulate the production of collagen. When hand rejuvenation is combined with daily at home care such as sunscreen and anti aging topicals, you will see the best results. Read an article about...  

Skin Care Treatments


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