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Specialized Resurgency Facial Treatments

Why Choose Body Beautiful
Since 2006 Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa has provided many people the best results achievable. We give each customer a tailored treatment specific to his or her skin condition. During every consultation, our medically certified staff explain the treatment options and how the client can achieve the most optimal results. Facial treatments are a great way to gain self confidence and produce a youthful glow.
Our Specialized Resurgency Facials act as the beginning foundation of your new skin care regimen. With regular facial treatments we can unlock and remove any dead skin cells, starting with your first treatment. The process of cellular repair begins unveiling a new youthful and fresh look. Because each of our clients skin type is different, here at Body Beautiful your customized skincare concerns are addressed. Before beginning a facial regimen, you will consult with one of our expert skin care specialist to decide which facial is best to invigorate your skin
Exclusive facials we provide:
Clinical Facial - The purpose of our clinical medical facials are to help rectify the conditions such as acne, dehydrated skin, aging skin or sun damage. The goal of our clinical facial is the complete rejuvenation and promotion of healthy clear skin. The Clinical Facial is our most rejuvenating and luxurious faciel. We exclusively use the SkinMedica clinically tested TNS anti-aging formula, that uses specific components to the skin for complete restoration. The TNS system helps fight free radicals, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles creating a glowing and refreshing look. During your facial, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, infused with serums and moisturizers that restore the skin back a healthy youthful state. In the Clinical Facial, the TNS masque works in combination with peptides and 7 antioxidants to break down environmental damage done to the skin and repair with a new rejuvenated appearance and luxurious glow.
Acne Facial - Treatments for acne usually include deep-pore and deep-tissue cleansing to rid excess oils and stimulate circulation. SkinMedica’s acne cleansing system has antibacterial ingredients that are often utilized in a deep cleansing facial to prevent and treat acne breakouts. Our detoxing facial encourages the skin to purge, detoxify and cleanse at the same time. While purifying the skin our acne facial removes dirt and oils not just from the surface but deep into layers of the skin where breakouts begin.
Back Facial - A back facial is designed and regulated for the type of skin on the back specifically. We utilize a tweaked version of a regular facial to clarify and soften the skin of the back and arms. Back facials are appropriate for both men and women. Our teenage clients are welcomed as well with a parent's permission. SkinMedica offers an acne system designed for the backneacne prone clients struggling to control back breakouts. Our specialists can help you diminish the acne on the hard to reach places and set you in a regimine to break free from the damage it causes without over drying or irritating the skin.

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  A Back Facial has the similar steps as a regular facial:  
  • Deep cleansing with steam to soften skin and open pores
  • Exfoliation with enzymes or granulated products to remove dead skin cells that accumulate and causing acne, dull skin and dehydration
  • Extractions to clear blocked pores that accumulate bacteria, causing acne
  • Massage to enhance circulation, which cleans the skin from the inside
  • Corrective masque (for acne, uneven pigment, etc.) with a relaxing hot towel
  • Toning spray to balance the pH, helping skin to heal and absorb nutrients well
  • Moisturizing and SPF to soften, heal and protect skin
Facial Treatments: Pricing
Clinical Facial (with mild peel) - 50min $95
Acne Facial $109
Back Facial, based on clinical grade level - starting at $109 +
30 min express $55
30 Min Teen Facial $49
Facial add-on Treatments: Pricing
Collagen Eye Treatment $20
Collagen Face Mask $30
Microdermabrasion or Ultrasound $45
Aromatherapy Scalp massage $20
Sugar hand/foot scrub. Single $20
  Both $29
In order to further protect your investment we recommend our SkinMedica skin care

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Cleanser,superficial oils,dirt,skin analysis,esthetician,Exfoliation,steam vapor,surface acne,blackheads,broken capillaries,discoloration, Cleanser,superficial oils,dirt,skin analysis,esthetician,Exfoliation,steam vapor,surface acne,blackheads,broken capillaries,discoloration, acne,microdermabrasion,clinical,exfoliation,Pittsburgh,peels,back,collagen,glycolic,salicylic,jessner,anti-aging,SkinMedica,youthful,pores, acne,microdermabrasion,clinical,exfoliation,Pittsburgh,peels,back,collagen,glycolic,salicylic,jessner,anti-aging,SkinMedica,youthful,pores,pigme anti-aging,SkinMedica,youthful,pores,pigmentation,exfoliation,complete,deep,oily,dry,face,mask,faciel,peal,sensitive,moisturizer,redness,SPF,cus
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