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Experience The Best Laser Tattoo Removal at Body Beautiful!

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We are Pittsburgh’s expert in effective laser tattoo removal. We offer a free consultation and use the best technology to remove your



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unwanted tattoo. Our professional staff is especially educated and experienced in tattoo removal to give you the best results possible.Years ago you may have made a decision that would last a lifetime may and have regrets now? If so, we are here to help!

  We have internationally trained certified laser technicians that can help that unsightly tattoo:  

Want to cover up with more pristine art?  Specialists agree in the way we can fade your old tattoo to make it easier for your new artist to make your new piece.

Possibly you may want to do your next one “right”-  (on certain areas) you may want Permanent Hair Removal on the surface first (so the hair doesn’t distract the art work).


Reasons for Tattoo Removal

  1. Reminds you of your ex girlfriend/boyfriend, whether it be a name or memory.
  2. Employment - A lot of jobs have restrictions with tattoos
  3. Cover up - Replacing it with another tattoo
  4. Stigmatization - People want to be looked at as what society calls “normal”
  5. People Change their lifestyle - your feelings and beliefs have changed and they don’t fit you any more.
  6. Family- family doesn’t want you to have it because it affects them negatively
  7. Unhappy with the quality - whether its professional or amateur, you received unsatisfactory art work from a not so experienced tattooist?  Amateur tattoos are just that….amateur! Non-trained individuals will use inferior ink, like that found in a ball point pen to make the tattoo. Good thing these tattoos usually respond well to laser energy.
  8. Unhappy with altered body modifications (weight gain) - you may dislike it in the future
  9. To be a better role model.
  10. Wedding, such as a permanent tattooed wedding band.
  11. Clothing issues
  12. Gang or hate related tattoo
  13. Religion
  14. Allergic reactions
  15. Maturity- Young people don’t think about the consequences of their actions in life
  16. Dare on a night out with some friends
  17. Surgical marks (such as radiation targets). OR Traumatic tattoos are not uncommon, people have all sorts of traumatic injuries that result in the placement of pigments into the dermis. Ex. includes car accidents, falls, getting jabbed with a pen or pencil. These tattoos usually respond well to lasers.
  18. Tattoo has blurred and it doesn’t look as good as it used to.
  19. Misspelled Words, Bad Portraits, Unexpected Results.
  20. MILITARY - Can’t be a visible tattoo when wearing a uniform (not on neck, hands, etc.)
  21. Tattoo has become faded (and you’d rather not pay to re-touch it up)

Tattoo Removal Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa - Pittsburgh



  At Body Beautiful we are committed to offering the best Laser Tattoo Removal at a reasonable price. You may be surprised how affordable the treatment actually is! Years ago, the same procedure would be less effective and costs tens of thousands of dollars. Today we are able to make tattoo removal less expensive. During your complimentary consultation your tattoo will be examined and a price per treatment and estimated number of treatments required will be provided.  
  It is also important to note that many tattoo removal centers use less expensive and less powerful “all in one” laser systems which in many cases requires twice as many treatments than would be required using the more powerful- accurate laser systems available at our Advanced Tattoo Removal.  
  Traditional tattoo removal costs $400 per session for a medium 4-8 inch. The R20 Method allows four treatments to be performed in one session, and requires only one to three sessions total. The price of one R20 session, usually $1600, is currently on special but a consult is recommended first. Our treatments are customized to each individual’s needs. Call us to book your complimentary consult now! 724-987-3221.  

  Remember - We Price Match So call 724-987-3221 for a consult.  
  1” to 3” (Small) $100-$199 per session  
  4” to 7” (Medium) $200-$400 per session  
  8”+ (Large) $400+ per session  
  Package deal- Buy 4 and get your 5th session free!  
  Numbing Option $25 (small & Medium, $50 for Larger) for lidocaine shots  

No matter what the issue, we are here to help.


Tattoo Removal Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa - Pittsburgh


Experience The Best Laser Tattoo Removal at


Body Beautiful! Call 724 987 3221


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